No Find No Fee Tracing

  £175 - Only paid if we locate your person


  • Worldwide service
  • no upfront fees
  • Claimants, Defendants, Witnesses, Employees, Associates, relatives
  • 90% success rate
  • No further charges – no time limit
  • Instruct by email to receive an immediate acknowledgment
  • Sole point of contact throughout the investigation
  • Historical traces are covered under our no find no fee scheme


We provide a £175 'no find no fee' tracing service for claimants, witnesses and defendants, anywhere within the UK and Worldwide. This includes any 'on the ground' enquiries and includes urgent assignments.


We adhere strictly to all data protection legislation. We can provide a full report of all our actions, at no extra charge, if needed for court.


The no find no fee service applies regardless of the information you have regarding your subject. We can often trace from just a name. If your trace is urgent we will still charge £175 no find no fee, even if the subject needs to be traced that day.

There are absolutely no further charges, even if the trace takes many months.


We will continue to trace until told otherwise. We pride ourselves on our success rate and will do everything we can to locate your subject.

We are aware that some companies offer tracing at fees as low as £35 per trace, but in our experience this merely involves putting names into freely available databases such as, with little regard for subtlety, data protection laws or accuracy of information.


How to Instruct us:


Instruct by email to or You will receive an immediate acknowledgement and we will start work immediately. If you require an update on our investigation just email and an update will be provided that day.

Relevant details to include in instructions are name, any addresses (even if the subject has not resided there for many years) and a date of birth if available. Useful (but not essential) details to include are any phone numbers or email addresses. Please also state the brief reason for the search. I will acknowledge, and start work immediately.

 If you prefer, you can call 01865 600607 or 07537 141408 / 0782 862 7830 to discuss your requirements.